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CES 2014 Shows the Future of PCBs and Technology

With the Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas, the biggest names in technology gather together to show off the latest in technology and products that are tabbed as “the next big thing.” While a lot of products that debut at CES may not gain a strong foothold in the marketplace, it is still interesting to see where technology is headed and what we can expect to see in the future. Especially when it comes to PCBs, engineers and product designers like to see where the industry is headed and the features that consumers expect. Some of the biggest trends at CES 2014 revolved around the interconnectivity of all of the devices we use on a daily basis. From smartwatches to home security systems that we can access from our cars, creating a seamless experience across all platforms will be key for companies moving forward.

How Will PCBs Play a Role in the User Experience?

As previously mentioned, consumer electronics are moving toward creating a unified user experience no matter where a person is. Being able to arm your home security system from your car or transmit driving directions from your smartphone to your vehicle’s GPS unit means that compatible technology will need to be included in these products. PCBs that can handle these components are needed so that users get the functionality they expect and the technology we use can continue to advance. When you are in the process of designing printed circuit boards for your project be sure to check with your manufacturer about their capabilities so that you get the most out of your PCBs.

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